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Monday, June 29, 2015

Our new tag line: for The Love of Cats

You may have noticed a new tag line popping up on our vouchers and other media saying “for The Love of Cats”.    Actually, it’s not really new as it was the tag line of our 2000-2009 Michigan cat programs. We’ve brought it back because our work here has expanded since we started in 2010 and we wanted to tie our programs together under a common name. 

Our Low-Income Pet Cat Spay/Neuter program was our first program and it continues to be our main work.
But we’ve added an Acute Care Program to also give low-income cats access to urgent care  for treatable medical emergencies.
And more recently we’ve added a Community Cat Outreach program allowing us to fund complementary spay/neuter programs for other nonprofits working in our service areas.   By strengthening their work, we can reach cats — including feral cats — our voucher program couldn’t easily reach.

We’re currently working with the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico, the Espanola Valley Humane Society, the McKinley County Humane Society  and Taos Feral Feline Friends — and  welcome inquiries from other area nonprofits.

So when you see our new tag line we hope you think of all the cats we’ve touched who will no longer lose their homes simply because their caregivers couldn’t afford their essential veterinary care.    In New Mexico this now totals over 8,500 cats.

What better way is there for us to show our love of cats than this?