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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Finding A Lost Cat Is Easier Than You Think

A few years ago we published a paper on Finding Your Lost Cat and a couple times a year we get great feedback on how effective the tips are – from people who lost their cats and used the information to find them.  We wanted to share some feedback we got from a man in California today:
I want to thank you for publishing this wonderful page which exactly predicted the behavior of our lost cat and led us right to her.

Not only is she an indoor cat, this is not even her home as she is just staying with us while our son and his wife are on vacation. By the time we realized that she had sneaked out, several hours had elapsed and we thought she could be a considerable distance away — perhaps trying to find her way home as the stories claim.

Only around dusk did I find your page and read that she was most likely much closer than we thought. We searched the garden again with a flashlight, this time looking under plants rather than expecting to see her “exploring”. After a while we got close enough to her hiding place to hear her plaintive replies to our calling her name, just as you had predicted.

Before we read this page we thought that she was probably miles away and we would never see her again.

So many people think that when cats get outdoors they run away as fast as they can – or get hit by cars or attacked by dogs or taken by well-meaning people who see the cat outdoors and assumed she’s been abandoned.    

In reality cats are home-bodies.  They get out by mistake or design and don’t go anywhere at all – they hide under the first bush they find and stay there while they figure out how to get home.  If you follow the Lost Cat Tips you stand a much better chance of getting your cat back and that will make your cat as happy as can be.  Because once she gets outside she realizes the green grass she saw from the living room window was really only Astro Turf!

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